Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club

April 2015 Minutes

Minutes Approved

Treasurer Report Approved

Report on arrival and payments on Ground Hog Arena Tool. Payments will be 12 payments of $371.23

Discussed Insurance—Martha Miller will get some quotes. Needs to be $40000 on building some content insurance $7500 on tractor and cost of Ground Hog

John Mellies asked for money to buy weed chemicals, Approved

Buy three new medal barrels and 3 new white plastic barrels- Approved

Martha and Gail talked about the need to clean up all the ads on our Facebook. Agreed to leave them on for one week and then delete. Gail added Martha on as co-admin

Martha expressed need for clubs own computer as she does not wish to keep bring her good one to club Suggestions look at Southwest college and Spirit

A motion was made and approved to pay for instillation of concession flooring

Still waiting on tractor repairs

Karey’s Buckle Series Dates set April 24, May 8th, May 15, May 29th, June 5 , final June 26—rain date June 12th

Ranch Rodeo report given by Martha Miller

Sponsors report given by Martha Miller

Meeting Adjourned