Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

February 2016

Meeting called to order by Travis Camac

January 2015 minutes approved by John Colt second

January Treasurer’s report approved

Everyone was there except Corky

Guest speaker was Karey

  1. Website
  2. Barrel race Wednesday nights
  1. Every Wednesday
  2. Start April 6th
  1. Ground
  1. sand and lime

Guest speaker was Landon

  1. Rodeo
  1. $6000.00, talked dates, advertising
  2. Talked about series and jr rodeo

Talked about Ranch Rodeo March 12th.

  1. Doug 1,200.00 Cattle cost
  2. Need to find sorting cattle
  1. Ed Clark?
  1. Food
  1. Need budget? Meet and get what we need chips ect.
  1. John doing gate.
  1. 7.00 adults 5. kids
  1. Fees 400. Open, 300. Coed
  2. 11 and 17 total team last year

Sheep riding-single event

ATV rodeo- worried about ground

Fun shows

  1. 1st weekend of the month
  2. Start April 11:00am
  3. June 6:00 pm

Sadie motioned to get gate code changed Colt Second. And do it monthly.

Need to pay insurance

Need to get food license

Colt Adjourn

Sadie Second