Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club

January 2016 Meeting

Meeting called to order by Travis Camac


December 2015 minutes approved


December Treasurer’s report approved


Colt approved the budget, John second

  1. Stated electric and water need paid
  2. State 990 need paid
  3. Website need renewed


Guest speaker was Martie

  1. wedding venues
  2. want to rent
  3. $150.00 fee/$95 insurance total 245with a  $200 refundable deposit- clean up
  4. must provide own port a potty
  5. Talked about Sept 10 for one wedding- Stacey Augdon?
  6. Ambassador or Queen
  7. Basket for Raffle


Insurance Travis will call about.

  1. Alcohol and if someone dies
  2. Do we pay 95.00 per event?


Concession was discussed everyone help with rodeo, and then each event planner will take care of concessions.



  1. Westar no lights on, night light not working
  2. Water due 15th each month $17.50 until turned back on.


Ranch rodeo needs set, Colt will talk to Brad and Wonser’s,

1. Gate and concessions made most money.

2. Need entry money before paying out

3. If win something give check back.


We need $250.00 Food license needs before Ranch rodeo



4-H dates set, June 11th and July 16th

  1. they will take care of Concessions at their events
  2. $25.00 Rental fee
  3. They will help with rodeo


Bleacher need addressed


Both tractors run- one is John’s and the other is the clubs, we don’t have bush hog.


Bruce and Sam did the mowing. Need Volunteers for it 1 or 2 time a yr.



Arena rates stay the same $150.00 John made a motion and Corky Second


Ground was discussed


Funs shows and Barrel Races Taken care of, Concessions will be taken care individually.



Changing codes monthly was discussed January code:

  1. 1128 for both gate and lights
  2. Members using code can call to get new code
  3. Set price for use of light each month


Mailing membership forms out to get money.


Old gate need fixed


Need to fix sign front of arena



1. Touched on 50/50 drawing both

2. No beer discount on beer

3. $75.00Liquor License

4. Gate people need to be reliable

5. Tickets instead of money

6. No kid’s price-tickets to kids- free with a parent.

7. Flyer issues

8. Griggs- make bid on rodeo


Colt will talk to guy about a bull riding


Set a time and place for meetings need to be made public