Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

May BCSC Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved

Treasure’s report approved

Discussed people who have donated to our new drive construction. We will provide banners for them. A motion was made and accepted to have a $200 budget to do this.

Gene Wonser spoke to Hizey and they will probably donate towards the gates at the entrance.

The group went over the previous sponsors list and who we still need to talk to.

The need to rebuild the cattle chute was addressed. Gene W. has some boards that will work for this project.

Barrels will be starting. We will do the same as last year and hold 25% of exhibition money for a jackpot run.

Martie Miller requested the funds to buy more window stickers. A motion was made and approved for a $50 budget on this.

We need to find a truck to haul in the 90 tons of gravel donated by Martin Marietta.

Check seats boards on the bleachers.

The people attending agreed to do the following parades: Kechi June 28th Frontier Western Celebration Aug. 2, Old Settlers Parade Mulvane, Leon Harvest Festival Parade, Atlanta Parade, Labor Day, Douglas Parade 1st weekend In Oct.

Martie Miller reported new counters up on front of concession stand and announcers booth.

Meeting Adjourned