Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Butler County Saddle Club - Kansas

Standing Membership Rules


1).                                                                     Membership dues are for the period of Jan. 1 to Dec 31 of the current year. Dues paid

after December 1 of the current year shall be for membership Jan. I to Dec. 31 of the following year.

2)                   A contestant must ride in the same age group all year to receive all points earned for the

year. Points will not be carried between age groups.

3).                Points earned before membership dues are paid will not be credited toward year end Hi-Point.

4).                Hi-Point awards at the Fun Show shall be presented to each age group at the end of the show. Hi-Point awards may go to non-members as well as members. In case of a tie, two awards shall be awarded. If there is a tie between a member and a non-member and there is only one award available, the member shall wait until another award can be ordered, allowing the non-member to take the award.

5).                The club colors were changed to black and white July 5, (995. Can be worn as members see fit.

6).                The President of the club may authorize a disbursement of up to $50.00 for the benefit of the club without prior approval of the membership.

7).                There shall be two authorized signatures on the checking. account for the club. But only one signature shall be required on a check.

8).                Only members and their guest(s) may use the arena for personal activity when there are no scheduled events. Members must be with their guest at the rime they are at the arena. Members will share the arena with other members and their guests if they are there at the same time. All props (barrels, poles etc.) used are to be removed from the arena and put in their proper place. Special interest groups may obtain permission to use the arena at a membership meeting.

9).There shall be no smoking in the concession stand at any time and no smoking during membership meetings.

10).    The Treasurer is authorized to pay the Electric and Rural Water bill as they come due(not wait, for a meet­ing vote).

11).    New business is not to be voted on at, the meeting in which it is introduced, unless a time or date decision makes it necessary for a vote.



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